Roland Toth Pal

Hi! I'm Roland Toth Pal.

(also known as tpr)

I started out my career as an offline designer and slowly shifted towards web design and development. I try to create things that not only work well but also look well.

The Droomlapress Era

In the beginning I was using PHP and WordPress/Drupal/Joomla for content management. I often created websites from wireframe to finished code, including frontend and backend development. This was a rapid and efficient workflow as it avoided the extra designer-developer roundtrips.

Meet ProcessWire

Later I switched to ProcessWire which was my go-to CMS/CMF for years (and is currently too), for which I developed many modules being quite successful in the ProcessWire community. These are ranging from heavy admin customizations, porting a template engine and creating an interface for a more enjoyable unit testing (see my GitHub account for more).

I was also working with various PHP frameworks (Laravel, Nette) that helped getting familiar with MVC and developing more robust applications, especially when paired together with ProcessWire.


Currently I'm working with .NET MVC that I really enjoy. Digging more into OOP concepts is something I make use of elsewhere too.

I do not want to lag behind from the ever-changing frontend world. I always found CSS and JavaScript fun to use and I believe a good web craftsman should master them.

I try to keep up with the latest trends and update my toolset with tools having clear benefits on my development process.

Humanoid Part

I'm married and have two beautiful children. When they allow I like to go running or swimming, or just trying to catch up with everyday tasks I have postponed :)