4Elements Natural Energy Drinks

Website draft for the 4Elements energy drinks (unpublished).

Website created for 4Elements Natural Energy Drinks with custom 3D cans created by me. The rendered images were the major graphic elements on the site, apart from the logo which was created by PAQART.

I used ProcessWire for the underlying CMS which worked perfectly. Unfortunately the project didn't make through but the website was a joy to build. This was one of the last projects I created with PHP and ProcessWire before I switched to C# and frontend frameworks. It had all the goodies I collected at that time: lazy loading assets, caching, fast page load and so on.


Beautyport Salons

Multi-site for beauty salons - one application, many individual sites.

While technically it's not a multisite, it behaves so - each site it serves looks like an individual site even though there is only one code base. They all share some common content like news, products, services, etc. However, content is configurable by salon admins. They can add news or hide some common items, upload products or galleries, and so on.

When salon admins log in they can see and manage their own content only. It was challenging setting up roles properly but ProcessWire (and especially the Admin Restrict Branch module) was a perfect fit. It would require much more work and development time with another tool.

Page layouts are the same for all but there are many color schemes to choose from. These were often custom-made ones to match a new member salon's primary color.

We have more than twenty members so far and they are very happy having a professional-looking and fast website that is easy to manage.



Portfolio of Imre Baksa

Complete rework of Imre Baksa's website.

The previous website of the Hungarian actor Imre Baksa was among my first works and it was rather static. Now it has been fully redesigned and a CMS was used to make content dynamic.

Behind the scenes ProcessWire CMS serves the content and it does a wonderful job. It's still a joy to work with and makes backend tasks ridiculously easy.

On the front-end the jQuery plugin Isotope makes blocks appear in a "packery" style layout. Additionally, items are opened in a lightbox which allows quick access to pages without navigating away.

The sidebar on the left features a large knob to filter items by years, and some other buttons to filter items by type. All these make browsing the site a unique experience and fun.



Espák Pincészet

Fresh new website for Espák Winery of Hercegkút, Tokaj-hegyalja.

It's hard to create an outstanding winery design with so many great sites out there. Fortunately the client could provide great imagery that I could use to establish the mood.

Wine labels were designed by PAQART and we put them on 3D-rendered bottles (shameless promo: modeled/rendered by me). This way it was easy to put them over any kind of background, eg. over a photo in a slider or over a dark one on a product page.

I think that the nice images and the SPA-like home page reflects the Espák family philosophy of tradition, movement and their love towards producing quality wine.




A sluggish site rewritten with ProcessWire.

The projects started out as a small one with a goal to speed up an existing WordPress website. Unfortunately the theme used just didn't allowed that. There was no coding in there as everything was controlled from within the admin. While this may sound great at first in reality it was pain slow, unmaintainable and close to unusable even with a cache plugin on duty.

A full rewrite was offered instead and the client wisely accepted that. The original design was kept with a few modifications towards a better mobile experience.

The site is now very fast - on an average connection the loader animation is barely visible. A cache module is installed but even without that the site scored high on speed tests thanks to the lazy-loading assets and other techniques applied.

The client could took over the content management after reading our docs in literally no time. Unlike in WordPress he felt at home in the admin thanks to ProcessWire's excellent page structure and well thought-out backend in general.

I enjoyed the project because everything went smooth and the outcome exceeded our expectations. I even found some cool ways to cut development time that will surely come handy in the future. The feedback we received says it all: "Hey, it's really fast indeed! Great job!". This is how a website rewrite should be done :)



Grandhouse Club

A simple but elegant website for GrandHouseClub.

I designed the site with simplicity and speed in mind. The round logo and the minimalistic look provides a fresh and clean atmosphere. The large Budapest cityscape images in the header emphasizes the organization's main goal: "contribute in any possible way to make Hungary a better country".

As usual, only vanilla JavaScript was used. In fact it's not a script-heavy site so there was really no need to pull in a library like jQuery.

The Monthly Lunches and Members Area were the only parts that seemed trickier at first. At the end of the day it turned out that those were easy to solve thanks to ProcessWire's excellent features and flexibility.