Daniel Horvath

Daniel Horvath brand developer's site built with ProcessWire and fullPage.js.

A multilanguage, responsive website that features scrollable sections to make a great first impression - and even greater consecutitve ones with animations, sliders and interesting visual solutions. The project required much more frontend work than backend but this was not surprising with the amount of animation involved.

A custom quiz was also needed that was fun to build. I've used my FrontEndEditLightbox module to give editors easy access for editing different parts of the site which made things really straightforward and faster to them.

I think that visual elements nicely assist in promoting content, and overall, the site is fun to use. But do not believe me, visit to check!



Fast multilanguage site that features lazy loading assets, custom forms and a little bit of parallax.

There's nothing fancy in the design but it's still catchy thanks to the big and parallax'ed header images, the fixed inverted top navigation and smooth scrolling. Of course it's fully responsive, and only the required assets are loaded on smaller screen sizes to keep visitors' mobile traffic low.

The site is built on ProcessWire CMS and performs really well on website speed tests. We used vanilla JavaScript, srcset for images and other tricks to make it as speedy as possible. Forms are made with a custom form module that features live validation, character counter, autocomplete inputs and even autogrow textareas.

It was fun to build and I really like the outcome. Such level of optimization took some serious efforts here and there and I have learnt a lot of new techniques.



Restaurant Menu Editor

Menu image generator for La Perle Noire.

This is a simple application built on ProcessWire and html2canvas.js for creating menu images to post on Facebook.

The client requested a Microsoft Word template to edit weekly menus and save it as an image. I suggested another approach instead: an online editor. Even though it took more time to develop it was worth the trouble. It's very easy to use even though it has bilingual content.

It takes only a few steps to create a menu:

  • load an existing menu
  • double-click on a line to edit in a front-end editor lightbox
  • enter meal details and save
  • click on the Preview button and if all's fine, then click on Download
  • share on Facebook (or use elsewhere)

I'm happy I could convince them and that it's working great for years now.


Lelkes Design

The Lelkes family members over several generations succeeded in distinguished effort in their contribution to the arts in the fields of painting, sculpture and other arts.

Their new website is showcasing their works and their biography, including a tribute page to their grandparents.

There are hundreds of artworks uploaded with many custom fields and it's still easy to manage them thanks to ProcessWire, even for the client.

UIKit is used for the most front-end stuff, including lightboxes, scrollspy, offscreen menu and even sliders. It was a joy to work with and provided a solid foundation.




Obstermann's is a new gummy candy brand on the market featuring 100% natural ingredients. Their new website is also free of artificial flavors but still eye-candy :)

We were after a catchy but mature web design because one part of the site is a general introduction while others are for kids and parents. The bold top menu and the slight radial gradient play nicely together and create a nice frame that suits well for both purposes.

Product pages share the same graphical elements but they are a bit more playful thanks to the various pets and fruits floating around. The main slider is also of a kind that one simply can't stop clicking on it because it just feels so great :)



La Perle Noire

La Perle Noire is a stylish restaurant and lounge on Andrássy Avenue, Budapest with quality French and Hungarian cuisine.

The website features a large slider showing artistic gourmet dishes, the modern-age interior and the renowned outer garden. Images play a major role establishing the elegant atmosphere of the website as they are really outstanding. Take a look at the Photo Gallery and you will surely understand why.

Responsivity was one of our main goals as more and more visitors come from handheld devices. Both the site and the table reservation service can be easily reached using mobile phones or tablets.