Seven years after having a WordPress site I rewrote it using Eleventy static site generator and made its look more modern. I struggled with the design several days until I got it look the way I liked and fortunately the nursery management was also loving it. It's much more simpler and less blog or portal looking and the important information can be found much easier. Unlike the previous version it's fully responsive which was one of the main motives for the change.

Photo galleries are using Google Photos and actually it's entirely CSS-only, thanks to Perfundo. It was fun setting it up and even though I had to make a few changes to it, it's working very nicely.

There is no CMS powering the site (it's entirely static) but content can be easily updated via GitHub through Netlify. This was my first encounter with this service and it's really handy, especially for such sites where there are not too many updates.

This was my third site with Eleventy SSG and it still keeps me amazing. I learned some new things and also simplified my workflow, making the tool more joy to use.

I really like how the site is renewed design wise and under the hood as well, and I hope parents will also like it.