Currently the site has 25000+ registered users and the number is still growing. With several new articles a day it will soon become a knowledge base of pregnancy and parental information, if it is not that already. We also have prominent guest authors who regularly publish their articles, generating large numbers in visitor statistics.

New modules like searches and calculators are also added continously to provide as much information as we can.

Behind the Curtain

We had our original design for months but then we had to take over the corporate identity of Tesco Loves Baby. That was a great challenge because is rather a portal with much more elements. The updated design looks better and feels more fresher so I regard that as a positive change.

First we had some concerns using WordPress but after all it turned out that it performed pretty well. Sometimes we scratch its limits but there is always an easy way to accomplish things and that is what makes WordPress beautiful. The site will soon reach its first anniversary and we hadn't got any serious issues with the CMS.

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