The projects started out as a small one with a goal to speed up an existing WordPress website. Unfortunately the theme used just didn't allowed that. There was no coding in there as everything was controlled from within the admin. While this may sound great at first in reality it was pain slow, unmaintainable and close to unusable even with a cache plugin on duty.

A full rewrite was offered instead and the client wisely accepted that. The original design was kept with a few modifications towards a better mobile experience.

The site is now very fast - on an average connection the loader animation is barely visible. A cache module is installed but even without that the site scored high on speed tests thanks to the lazy-loading assets and other techniques applied.

The client could took over the content management after reading our docs in literally no time. Unlike in WordPress he felt at home in the admin thanks to ProcessWire's excellent page structure and well thought-out backend in general.

I enjoyed the project because everything went smooth and the outcome exceeded our expectations. I even found some cool ways to cut development time that will surely come handy in the future. The feedback we received says it all: "Hey, it's really fast indeed! Great job!". This is how a website rewrite should be done :)