Laura Soria

When photographer Laura Soria asked me for a minimal magazine-style site I was glad to help.

The original design was also very lightweight but I had to further simplify it. It was a good move - Laura's new portfolio is pure, clean and stylish. The black-and-white colour scheme adds an extra contrast and let images shine.



You simply can't avoid creating a website for a nursery if your wife is a kindergarten teacher and you are a web designer.

The new site for Törökvész Úti Kézműves Óvoda is primarily an info site for parents, and they can get fresh information directly from the site, rss or newsletter. Graphics establish a colorful nursery feel though I tried not to overdo it.



Once static, the website of the regional non-profit mass sport organization Kis-Galya is now running on WordPress

The site also got a complete redesign, emphasising healthy lifestyle with happier colors and an easy-to-use layout.

The whole site benefits from various online services. Image galleries are hosted on Picasa, movies are streamed from Vimeo and documents are available via Google Docs.


DropIt List Templates

HTML list templates for DropIt with various features - table sorting, filtering rows, lightbox preview, etc.

DropIt is an open source tool for sorting files and folders easily. Though I'm listed as a developer at their sourceforge page I contributed only some minor things to the project, such as html list templates (CSS only, no images), creating the Hungarian translation, reporting bugs and disturbing real developers requesting new features.

A blog was launched to provide usage tips to users, for which I post articles regularly.

I'm proud to see the project evolving and being part of it!


Carussel Dealer Web Toolkit

Dealer Web Toolkit (DWT) is the flagship product we are working on at Carussel. This is the introductory site of the project, demonstrating the product's main features.

DWT consists of several modules from which a dealer can build a full-featured site. I took part in designing individual modules and admin pages, which involved creating user-friendly interfaces and establishing consistent look and feel.